It’s hard to put into words how strongly I feel about the positive influence that this course has had on me. It has been a very enlightening, inspiring and wonderful experience. I thank OPP for providing me with this opportunity.

This course makes you look at the bigger picture. Lessons can be applied to your own struggles and tragedies as well as being applied to any non-white culture we deal with.  It teaches that everyone has a back story. I will continue to be a strong officer but perhaps now with more compassion and thought.

George projects such a calm beautiful spirit. It is hard not to be inspired by him. I wish everyone I work with could do this course. I feel so blessed to have done this course.

The whole experience was extremely valuable to me. I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. I will take away so much more compassion going forward. I am happy that I will be able to put a stop to the stereotypes that even I believed in. This was a very spiritual, emotional and powerful week and I am a better person now because of it.

I want to comment on the quality of the meals but after seeing the struggles of the aboriginal people throughout history I feel selfish thinking about it. This course opened my eyes and makes me appreciate what I love. Thank you!

This was a great opportunity to learn about a culture that so many know nothing about. Great program. I feel a better sense of direction in my life and want to bring some of these lessons home with me.

After years of working as a police officer on northern reserves I finally have an understanding where the anger from some aboriginal people comes from. I enjoyed every aspect of the program.

The most valuable experience I took away from this program was witnessing the dramatic transformation among participants, the enlightenment, inspiration, compassion, understanding and desire to make positive change. I think what makes this program so effective is that George and Carol put heart and soul into the program delivery.

This was a great opportunity to participate in traditional aboriginal practices and ceremonies. Large number of students (30+) benefit from this style of course as many of the activities and ceremonies focus around the group setting.

The course material was all relevant and interesting, but what really makes this course are the great presenters. The material is explained in a fun, simple, sometimes comical, but always informational way. The presenters make this course.

The most valuable experience was learning about the root of native issues, the history, and the evils that was brought into their society. This course needs to be offered to every community leader / politician.

I am grateful to be a part of this course. It was an eye opener. I have nothing but respect for the First Nation people. I think everyone should come on this course! George, Carol, Ashley and Eva were fantastic. They made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so much!!

George is an amazing speaker. Probably one of the best motivational speakers I have heard. The most beneficial thing I learned was seeing the native culture with a positive attitude. This course taught me so much I didn’t know I feel cheated I didn’t learn this in school.

To be honest I didn’t want to come on this course. Now I am so grateful I did. I now understand why I’ve heard so many other people speak so highly of this course.

A huge thank you to George, Carol, Mike and Tiny. What an incredible week. Everyone should experience this in their career.